In the cattle corridor of Kiruhura district in Uganda, the veterinary department has banned livestock movement:

There is an animal viral epidemic of  Foot and Mouth Disease spreading all over the District:



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Kiruhura district has announced a total ban on the sale and movement of livestock in a bid to contain the spread of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD). Cattle sales and the byproducts, in the district is at standby. 


In a letter addressed to the sub-county chairpersons, town clerks and extension workers, Charles Kiberu, the Kiruhura district chief administrative officer says that farmers have continued to sell livestock and their products to traders who move animals at night.

Kiberu says to fill the gaps, the district task force has decided to put a total quarantine on any animal movement and animal products within and outside the district with immediate effect.

Abel Rutemba, a farmer in Kiruhura welcomes the total quarantine saying that it has valid reasons to minimize the spread of FMD in trying to limit the movement of milk vendors who move from home to home collecting milk.


Olive Komugasho, a milk vendor, says despite the increase in FMD she opposes the total ban, noting that it will affect their businesses.

Dr Grace Asiimwe, Kiruhura district veterinary officer says they managed to vaccinate about 5,000 cattle. He adds that they are waiting for more vaccines from the ministry of Agriculture.

This is the third time a total quarantine has been placed in Kiruhira district due to foot and mouth disease. Meanwhile, the Agriculture ministry has also halted the movement of animals from and within one sub-county in Sheema district.

This follows suspected FMD that has been detected in the Kyangyenyi sub county in the three farms in the parishes of Kagongi and Muzira.

FMD was first detected in the five districts of Kazo, Ibanda, Kiruhura, Mbarara City and Sheema. An infected animal presents with blisters on the mouth and foot, loss of appetite, fever and a drop in milk production.


Indeed it is a bad day for these District ranchers. A cow for meat infected with FMD is not good for human consumption!
It is not at all as safe as the Uganda Police and Army have been fighting the plague of COVID19. It is high time in Africa to put in more efforts to stop feeding the populations with such infected foods.

This is a government that is very serious at trying to keep the people of this country under very stringent controls in law and order and safe human health measures.
Well, these infected animals in Africa should be slaughtered and their carcass buried deep in the ground!

One sympathises with the ranchers' great loss, but then it is all about corruption in this country. Surely as the discoverable of the vaccination of COVID19, and its quick treatment, the FMD by now should have disappeared throughout the continent of Africa.

Political Protests in Uganda.

Bobi Wine has been arrested as the Uganda army takes over the city of Kampala:


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The Uganda Army is patrolling the city streets of Kampala after arresting the Presidential candidate of the just concluded national election


National Unity Platform (NUP) president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has been arrested in downtown Kampala. Kyagulanyi and several members of the NUP were heading to the City Square to protest against the continued abduction, arrest and alleged killing of opposition supporters.

The army has since taken over the city security with several combat vehicles now seen patrolling the streets and sharpshooters taking positions on top of city buildings. 

Kyagulanyi recently announced that he would lead peaceful demonstrations to challenge the abduction of NUP supporters, the trial of civilians in military courts, and the outcome of the January 14 presidential election which gave President Yoweri Museveni victory against 10 other candidates. 

Kyagulanyi has since called on Ugandans to take to the streets to protest the outcome of the results, and what he calls the oppressive government of Museveni. 

“I call upon you to rise up peacefully, unarmed and demonstrate against a regime that has oppressed us," he said.

Today afternoon, Kyagulanyi accompanied by the secretary general David Lewis Rubongoya, spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi, Muhammad Ssegirinya, the MP-elect of Kawempe North, and Derick Nyeko from Makindye East, among others, marched to the city, prompting a fleet of boda-boda riders following them.

However, these were intercepted around the Mabirizi complex by anti-riot police and field force unit personnel and taken to the Central police station (CPS).

During the scuffle, the police fired teargas and bullets to disperse the gathering crowds. Police spokesperson Fred Enanga says that Kyagulanyi has been arrested with nine other people. Kyagulanyi since been driven back to his home in Magere and the others released without charge.


Unfortunately for this country, the Uganda Peoples' Defense forces are becoming the people's affliction! What is this army doing on the streets of Kampala when it should be trying to help out the recounting of the votes in an obvious rigged national election! Have they taken sides already when they must not do so?






In Uganda, the Police traffic officer who allegedly leaked Chief Justice Owiny-Dollo’s photos leaving state house, has been arrested:

20 February, 2021


By World Media



Police in Kampala has arrested John Endyango a police officer attached to the CCTV office in Entebbe has been arrested for allegedly leaking videos and photos of a secret meeting between the heads of the Judiciary and President Museveni.

The Principal Judge, Deputy Chief Justice and the Chief Justice a few days ago met President Museveni at State House Entebbe.

Well as details of the meeting have not been divulged, Endyango is said to have released a video of the top judicial officers vehicles leaving state house, many Ugandans concluding that they were compromised by the head of state.

Chief Justice Owiny-Dollo is among thee nine Justices of the Supreme Court hearing the Kyagulanyi Presidential Petition.

Sources at Entebbe Police confirmed Endyango’s arrest. “He was picked by officers from Kampala and we didn’t receive details on why he was taken,” a highly placed source at Entebbe Police Station said.

Another source in the Special Forces told this website that the officer must account for leaking information that compromises National Security.








The Uganda Electoral Commissioner gave President Museveni 0 at some polling stations where he scored a bit less than his opponents:

5th February, 2021

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President Museveni is addressing voters upcountry at a distance for fear of COVID19 plague.


The recently published presidential election results released by the Electoral Commission seem to wrongly show that President Yoweri Museveni scored zero at two polling stations in Tororo district. 

The stations include St. Kizito Primary School (N-Z) situated in Amagoro B Ward Tororo municipality and Nyambulie situated in Senda Parish, West Budama North East constituency.   

According to interviews conducted with more than a dozen people from the two villages, Museveni did not score zero in the area: he scored 100 votes at St. Kizito Primary School (N-Z) and 152 votes at Nyambulie, giving him a total of 252 votes. 

Majority of the votes at the two polling stations went to the National Unity Platform (NUP) candidate Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi.  

Shaban Muganja, the LC I and NRM chairman of the village where St. Kizito primary school is located Muganja says that although Kyagulanyi defeated Museveni at this polling station, the elderly in the area voted for Museveni, and there is no polling station in Tororo where Museveni “performed badly to the extent of getting zero.”    

“That is rigging,” he says. “That is very bad and it’s a crime.” He said the declaration signed by agents of all presidential candidates are clear, showing that Kyagulanyi defeated Museveni with a difference of just eight votes. According to Muganja Museveni polled 100 votes against Kyagulanyi's 108 votes. 

Clement Othieno, a resident who claims to have voted for Museveni at St Kizito primary school polling station the election was rigged if the Electoral Commission says the president got zero at that polling station. Cissy Namutebi, another resident who also voted for Museveni says she feels “bad when they say Mzee Museveni got zero” at this polling station.    

A presiding officer of St Kizito primary school polling station, Davis Okach says Museveni got 100 votes but slightly contradicts what others say was Kyagulanyi’s score. While he says Kyagulanyi scored 109 votes, the other people that we interviewed say he got 108 votes.

“If the Election Commission tally sheet read that the president got zero, he says it could be “an error.” Kyagulanyi’s votes; 108 are accurately captured in Electoral Commission tally sheets. Okach claims that on the polling day, he realized that he had been given junior polling assistants who didn’t know anything. He says he ended up doing most of the work himself at the polling station.    

Shocked by Museveni’s scores, when the URN reporter visited Nyambulie village where the second polling station is located, the LC I vice-chairperson Ochieng Oculu, who was having lunch, jumped off the table in shock. “I personally voted him,” he said.   

Kyagulanyi’s agent at Nyambulie, Achieng Justine said she was at the polling station when counting of votes ended and she recorded “Kyagulanyi scoring 183 votes and Museveni getting 152 votes.”

Kyagulanyi’s votes—183—are accurately captured in EC result sheets. Opio Joshua, a polling assistant at Nyabulie polling station also said Kyagulanyi emerged the victor at this particular polling station with 183 votes while Museveni got 152 votes. Joshua argued that anything that shows Museveni with zero scores is not the “true outcome of our polling station.”    

Museveni has in the past complained that NRM is sometimes rigged. But he has never explained at what election level is NRM rigged and the extent of rigging or availed evidence.  

The fact that the president’s votes at a polling station aren’t reflected in the tally sheet and NRM which usually has eyes at every polling station and tally centre failed to detect the anomaly, it is telling that the party’s vote protection team—unveiled weeks before the election—failed to protect Museveni’s votes at all polling stations across the country. 

“I am not informed about that, I would have let you know,” Phibby Otaala, the NRM Tororo vice chairperson said when asked if the president scored zero at any polling station in the district.  

When given names of these polling stations, Otaala said, “I think that is total madness. How do you expect him (Museveni) not to get anything at St. Kizito when that is his stronghold?  That one cannot be true. Those are fabrications.”    

And when asked why the NRM leadership in Tororo failed to protect the president’s votes, she evaded the question, arguing that it’s the duty of the Electoral Commission returning officer to announce the truth.

“If you have evidence that the president got 100 votes and they gave him zero, I think that Electoral Commission presiding officer and all those who were responsible should be reprimanded.”   

Otaala questioned; “how do you bring in the NRM leadership of Tororo to go to the tally centre, or polling station and tell the presiding officer to enter true results. Is it how it should be?”    

She said this is a “big story” because no single radio station in Tororo has broadcasted such news. Otaala hastened to advise our reporters to leave “Tororo out of confusion.” This kind of confusion, she claimed, has been happening only in Buganda.

Electoral Commission spokesperson, Paul Bukenya said he needed time to crosscheck documents from the area before commenting on the matter. All staff who could help with verification, he said were busy organizing Wednesday election. He promised a response on Thursday. 

Election rigging is one of the grounds that Kyagulanyi has petitioned the Supreme court to overturn Museveni's election victory. There are more ‘strange’ results registered in the released EC results. For example at Maganjo B C/U (NANO-NZ) polling station with 944, John Karumba garnered 333 votes against Kyagulanyi’s 0 votes and Museveni’s 61 votes.

At Maya P/Sch (Negambidda), again Katumba scored the most votes, 283 against Kyagulanyi’s 0 votes and Museveni’s 87 votes. Further at Nakifuma East (Nan-Z) polling station, Katumba garnered 258 votes against Museveni’s 51 and Kyagulanyi’s 0 votes. 


Indeed that is why lining up behind the selected choice of the candidates is the best alternative to a secret ballot. But then imagine in Somalia where guns and bombs are near by the polling centers. That is why Africa is still very immature with Democracy. Where a vote will cost half a dollar, ballot stuffing is a normal practice, and military AK47 and police whips finally decide national democratic elections.


The international community seems all fed up with the political immaturity of Somalia and South Sudan on the continent of Africa. Most probably the African leadership in these conflict ridden countries fear a non rigged national secret ballot that can tell them to leave the innocent citizens of these countries alone and for them to go home and retire from running state business anymore!






The opposition in Uganda continue to beg the courts to stop President Museveni to participate in future elections because he is always cheating in such national elections:

2 February, 2021

Written by URN


The legal documents of the petition against President Museveni's election victory of 14 January, 2021


The National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has petitioned the Supreme court seeking for the annulment of the election victory of National Resistance Movement (NRM) presidential candidate Yoweri Museveni.

Kyagulanyi filed the petition today Monday through five law firms led by Lukwago and Company Advocates. The other firms are Pace and Company Advocates, Sewakambo and Company Advocates, Wameli and Company Advocates and Kiwanuka, Kanyango and Company Advocates. The respondents in the petition which will be determined in 60 days include Museveni, the Electoral Commission and the Attorney General. 

Kyagulanyi is challenging the election results of the January 14 polls in which EC chairperson Simon Byamukama Mugenyi announced Museveni as the winner with 58 per of the total votes followed by Kyagulanyi with 35 per cent. The presidential race attracted 11 candidates with Museveni polling 5,851,037 votes against Kyagulanyi’s 3,475,298 votes. 

On January 28, Byabakama released the final tally of the results showing that Museveni garnered an extra 191,861 votes - pushing his final tally to 6,042,898 votes while Kyagulanyi got an extra 156,139 votes pushing his final tally to 3,631,437 votes. 

But Kyagulanyi disputes the results and argues in his petition that the election was invalid on grounds that it was not conducted in accordance with the principles laid down in the laws governing elections such as the constitution, the Presidential Elections Act and the Electoral Commission Act.

As such, Kyagulanyi argues that the non-compliance with the said laws affected the final outcome of the results. For instance, he says in his affidavit that on several occasions and in several parts of the country, the army and police prevented him from carrying out nationwide consultations in preparation for his nomination as a presidential candidate.

Due to the security actions, Kyagulanyi alleges that he was frustrated in the entire election process because his agents were arrested, some murdered while others were abducted. He contends that he was personally pepper-sprayed, intimidated and also that security destroyed his campaign posters before causing violence. 


President Museveni in a reading mode:


Evidence before the court also shows Kyagulanyi accusing the EC of having arbitrarily and unlawfully issued campaign guidelines which hindered a free and fair campaign to his disadvantage and only enforced the said guidelines selectively to favour the incumbent Museveni.

Kyagulanyi also accuses Museveni whom he describes as a master of violence of committing acts of bribery by providing or causing the provision of money and other gifts to voters with the intent to cause them to vote him (Museveni) or refrain from voting him (Kyagulanyi).

Kyagulanyi asks court to permanently ban Museveni from future elections due to perpetually engaging in election malpractices.

At least 4 of the last 5 presidential elections have ended up in court with the judges admitting election fraud but claiming it was not enough to overturn the final tally. 

For the Attorney General, Kyagulanyi faults him for having allegedly refused to amend the relevant laws which would ensure a free and fair election as directed by the Supreme court in their orders arising from the previous presidential election petition.  

The Supreme court in 2016 following yet another presidential election petition of Amama Mbabazi against Museveni, issued ten key 'commands' to be considered so as to have free and fair elections in future.  

These included amending the time for filing and determining petitions, amending the laws regarding the nature of evidence to be used, the time for holding fresh elections, donations during the election period and involvement of public officers in political campaigns among others.


How can this sort of savage beatings of civilians win this African leader a sixth term in the office of the Presidency?


The Attorney General has since complied with a few of them and failed on the majority. Now, Kyagulanyi wants the Supreme court to order for fresh elections and issue a permanent order restraining the army and intelligence services as well as resident district commissioners (RDCs) from involving themselves and interfering with the electoral processes in future.

Kyagulanyi also wants the Attorney General to be directed again to cause amendments to the relevant electoral laws to comply with the observations and directions of the Supreme court in the previous presidential election petitions to enable internationally recognized principles of free and fair elections. 


 The struggles of the lawyers against President Museveni getting another term of President of Uganda






Political parties in Uganda are begging the judiciary to deliver justice independently:

Museveni's  election victory in Uganda, under the pandemic of COVID19 world wide, has not gone well at all:

2nd February, 2021

Written by URN

Winnie Kiiza addressing the media


The opposition Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) party is positive that the Supreme court will overturn the January 14 election victory of President Yoweri following a petition filed by the National Unity Platform presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. 

Yesterday Monday, Kyagulanyi in his petition sought for the annulment of the presidential election in which Museveni was declared the winner by the Electoral Commission on grounds that the election was marred by several electoral irregularities. 

Now, ANT national coordinator Winnie Kiiza says that they still trust the court to hear the merits of Kyagulanyi's case to either annul the election or declare Kyagulanyi as the rightfully elected president.

She, together with other ANT party leaders addressed journalists at their offices along Buganda Road in Kampala where they expressed support for any legal means taken by friendly opposition forces in challenging the 2021 general election. Article 104 of the Constitution allows a presidential candidate up to 15 days after the declaration of results to file a petition in the Supreme court. 

Kiiza says that her party is bound by documents they signed as opposition political parties to work together during and after the election to secure victory and that they are they in support of the election petition by NUP contesting the presidential election results. She notes that they believe that court will hear the merits of the case, act independently and deliver justice.

"For us, we’re looking at any avenue that can help us to continue fighting, and this is a legal way. One way to remove a dictator is through an election. If he [Museveni] has failed us through an election, we shall go to court. It is the constitutional way of getting what I think has been grabbed from us. We don’t want to hold arms yet though it is also another option. We’re not yet there but in the meantime, the judges should also be kind to Ugandans and listen to this case and grant it the merit that it deserves. They are also Ugandans, they stay in Uganda, they see what is happening. Let them not be judges of an individual and for us, we still believe that they are independent. That is what we want to believe that they are independent that is why we still want to run there. So we can only say they are not independent after they have made themselves look so," said Kiiza. 

Wilberforce Seryazi, the ANT spokesperson expressed dissatisfaction with the general conduct, management and voting process.

“We have received complaints where individuals were assisted by security agencies to carry out ballot stuffing. This certainly cannot be an election conducted according to the electoral laws of Uganda. We, therefore, condemn and reject the outcome of this election,” said Seryazi.

He also noted that during the campaign period, there was great interference from security operatives on the campaign programs of the opposition presidential candidates and that these participated in the cancellation of their radio programs and giving the party venues at the periphery of towns.

MP Gerald Karuhanga, one of the ANT candidates who lost his seat in Ntungamo Municipality said that the electoral process was marred with voter bribery and dominated by the army which he alleged to have taken over polling stations and ensured voting was in favour of the incumbent president.

Meanwhile, the party has demanded that government ceases harassment, ‘preventive arrests’ of opposition members in the country and demanded the immediate release of all people who were arbitrarily arrested during the electoral process.

‘We demand that the government disciplines and prosecutes all erratic security officials who killed, injured, harassed, tormented citizens of this country and we demand that Ugandans who were killed, persecuted, injured be expeditiously compensated,” said Seryazi.



One is of the understanding that as international democratic gentlemen and gentleladies of African descent, the democratic election participates who are found gerrymandering in elections several times, are banned and fined.

If in this particular country one is found out rigging, stealing and promoting violence in a people's national election, how come they are encouraged to continue to participate in these elections? Does it mean that afterwards they will behave nicely?

Politicians of Uganda, stop wasting the citizens' time. The people's representative house for now years has been looking the other way as election transgression has been going on.

Presidential term limits and old age years limit have all been changed to award candidates who enjoy these sorts of elections. How come you trust the NRM cadre judges, this time to change their judgement on this sort of behavior?